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The Raid on Tondern 1918

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Links, References and  Credits

A page to thank the many people, organisations and publications who have helped with this site

Many thanks must go to The Cross & Cockade Society and in particular to John Grech, Andy Kemp and Barbara Huston. Their help has been invaluable and Barbara put a lot of work into the photographs having scanned the entire album and enhanced the pictures that you see on this site. Thanks folks, I owe you one!

A very special thanks goes to The Zeppelin Museum inTønder and in particular to Svend-Ulrik Orneborg. Some of the photographs on the "Raid on Tondern" page are published here with the permission of the museum. They also sent me a huge number of documents about the raid.

Patrick Mallahan in Seattle has contributed some details for me since he has also spent a great deal of time researching the same raid.

David Williams, the son of Lieut N.E. Williams, sent me such gems as his father's logbook. A great many thanks David!

"Royal Navy Aircraft Serials and Units" by Ray Sturtivant and Gordon Page, published by Air Britain. This book has been invaluable in tracing the histories of some of the aircraft featured.

Some detail has also come from an article in the Cross & Cockade journal by Dick Cronin (Vol 25/2).

An article by R.D. Layman: "Furious and the Raid on Tondern" published in Warship International (No4. 1973)

David W. Lee, author of "Actions Stations Revisited Vol 3" by Crecy Publications, 2009. Thanks for the credits therein David!

"World War One Aircraft Carrier Pioneed" by Guy Warner, Pen & Sword Aviation, 2011.

A 1930 letter found on the Kent & Sussex History Forum written by a former commander of the Isle of Grain about the development of the carrier deck landing system and history of the trials. Thanks to John at the above forum for allowing me to snatch bits from it.

"Training of Pilots for Deck Landings", AIR 1/663/17/122/689 at the National Archives.

The Aerodrome website, specialising in WWI aviation. It was there that this whole thing began back in the Spring of 2000!

The Museum of Flight, East Fortune, especially Grant Newman for information regarding some of the photos.

Scott McIntosh and the East of Scotland Aviation Research Group for putting me in touch with Grant Newman (above)

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Fleet Air Arm Museum

The Public Records Office, London

The WWI Aviation website

Sandy Adam's Sopwith Models Sandy got in touch with me since he had built a detailed model of Lieut. Williams aircraft as flown on the Tondern raid. This link will take you to some photos of Sandy's models, amongst which you will find William's Camel 2F.1

"Zeppelins over England" by von Buttlar. Translated and published by Harrap & Co. London, 1931.

Also a thanks to The Impington Village College Model Aeroplane Club They made me very welcome on one of their flying days when one of their members, Dave Burkin, flew a replica of the model plane that my uncle built in 1911 and is pictured on this site. Thanks guys for a wonderful morning and for seeing a bit of history recreated, that was quite a thrill for me.

In addition to the above a very big thank you to all the other people who have got in touch over the years and contributed bits to this project. I'm sorry I can't list you all but you know who you are.

Last, but by no means least, my late father who took great interest in this project during the last ten years of his life.